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Blog evolutions:
Insight and Mindfulness (2007-current), my first blog is still active. Like the current blog Insight and Mindfulness serves as a support for the integration of meditation skills into all life experience. However Insight and Mindfulness ventures directly into meditation as spiritual practice, serving as a resource for those experienced in meditation and prayer.

The blog Interpersonal Practice (2007-2011) integrates insight meditation teachings into interpersonal practices. Since 2001 I have been integrating interpersonal practice into insight meditation teachings, a powerful means for taking the concentration skills developed in solitude to integrating the strengths and benefits of solitude into daily life and interactions.

Both threads are part of the foundation for the current blog and for Conscious Dynamics® with its contemporary and professional focus on applications for recognizing emergent knowing.

Social media evolution:
Having had an online presence since 1989, there have been many ventures into social media. See media.html.