Recognizing Emergence

“…all of us around the world participate in two different social types of connection, two different bodies of the social field. One of them is governed by the dynamics of antiemergence and destruction; it’s the collective social body that is about to die. The other is governed by the dynamics of emergence and collective creativity; it’s the emerging new social body that is about to be born.” (Scharmer, 2009)

This comment of C. Otto Scharmer looks pretty true to me, but I wonder if it can be said so definitively (I immediately thought of the current US elections). First, we probably have different ideas about what is dying and what is about to be born. Second, could we be engaging in both these different social connections, what is dying and what is being born, but in different domains of experience, responding differently in different systems in which we are individually embedded or engaged.

Whether true across the board or not, the only way we can see clearly such social fields and our relationship to them is, in any given circumstance, to drop below the ego, the personality which has been formed by our conditioning; setting aside or bracketing what we are sure of to consider those confidences as conditioned, learned thoughts and behaviors.
Then to see what emerges from what is not conditioned, what has not already been learned and/or habituated, accessing instead the source of arising thought or arising consciousness.

And also seeing how this emerging knowing relates to others, trusting deep inner promptings which lean toward resonance and harmony and not contention – or not self-preservation at all cost.